An interesting creative experiment. Buying and reselling a BMX bike for a profit simply by adding more compelling and creative copy. Of course the more compelling copy is based almost entirely on fabrications about the history of the bike. I think it’s pretty obvious that the copy is all is good fun and not meant to be taken seriously.

I have mostly done stunts on this bike since forever. Once I did a boom gnarly stunt trick on it and a girl got pregnant just by watching my extremeness to the maxxxx.

Basically if you buy this bike you will instantly become a member to every club that was ever invented, worldwide, because you will be awesome.

Also provided is a list of stunts completed on this bike (again obviously fabricated) that implies that all you have to do is buy the bike and you’ll be doing the same tricks the very same day. It’s hard for me to believe anyone would take this ad at face value, and not pure fun, but I’m sure some people will complain that this experiment is purely an example of false advertising.

The Wicked Sick Project – by the creative team at George Patterson Y&R. Does creativity make a difference? These guys bought a bmx on ebay and relisted it with some creativity and it sold for 5 times the purchase price catching everyone’s attention in the process!!

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