Progresso Soup Commercial

Progresso Soup’s new television ads are a clever twist on the “string can phone.” Within the ad campaign customers get to talk directly to the Progresso Soup kitchen.

The Jabberwocky Project

Better Off Ted isn’t a show I watch on a regular basis, but when I catch it I do enjoy the work place satire. Their presentation on Jabberwocky, a non-existent product, is a prime example. Proving all you need is a great presentation.

Wicked Sick Project

An interesting creative experiment. Buying and reselling a BMX bike for a profit simply by adding more compelling and creative copy. Of course the more compelling copy is based almost entirely on fabrications about the history of the bike. I think it’s pretty obvious that the copy is all is good fun and not meant […]

The Creative Process

This is a great video that I stumbled across a while back, but for some reason never posted. A hilarious view of how the creative process can go wrong. What if there were no stop signs and a major corporation was charged with inventing one?